RFPs (or Request for Proposals) are items that we'd love for someone in the community to build. Interested in taking it on? Apply now here


RFP 2: Open Source UI

Extend our Lite UI and create an open source UI that makes everyone's integration life easier

RFP 3: Implement Boardroom

Implement boardroom for the grants program (https://app.boardroom.info/). This will give the community more visibility into what is being funded out of the Grants program


RFP 1: User Analytics tools

There's loads that can be covered here from PnL analysis, to seeing historical funding charts all the way down to PnL by Token by Wallet

RFP 4: Video Courses for Perpetual Trading

Create a series of videos to explain how to trade perpetual futures and use perp.exchange as the platform of choice in the video. The benchmark for this RFP would be the option courses on Deribit.

RFP 5: Referral Program

Help build out the automation for our referral program