Movr Bounty

Create a Front end for the Fundmovr app that is more directed towards users of Perpetual Protocol. Original thoughts of what this would look like would be something similar to the integration of Fundmovr into Zerion with a very clean and streamlined UI, however an option to click into an advanced view which would produce a similar look to the original Fundmovr APP that shows all the possible routing options and which bridge is being taken see https://app.fund.movr.network/ . With the focus for the receiving assets being in either USDC or ETH since those are the two assets only needed in order to interact with perpetual protocol. As well the front end having to match the design of the perp v2 website https://app.perp.com/ .

Milestones: Milestone 0 (Upfront): Providing a rough demo of the what the expected UI would look like for the bridging UI. Milestone 1: Building out the full front end and showcasing a finalized design. Milestone 2: Integrating the finalized frontend into fundmovr. Funding Requests Total Bounty: $10K half from the Perp Grants Committee, half from Movr Network. Milestone 0 (Upfront): $2000 (20%) Milestone 1: $4000 (40%) Milestone 2: $4000 (40%)

Other Links Zerion.io https://app.fund.movr.network/ https://app.perp.com/

Rough Idea of what the front end should look like: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1UxHvmmZp2N1_0wLmQnc8riDEpRDwhz7t If you want to submit for Milestone 0, submit your work through this form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfMkOMfV56QzWdcpcsJ2VRAeKrVa4SB4h_Ur39VqxhsR2ow4w/viewform

Or can be submitted via Gitcoin through our Hackathon.