RFPs (or Request for Proposals) are items that we'd love for someone in the community to build. Interested in taking it on? Apply now: https://questbook.app/profile/?daoId=0x5&chainId=10

Open Highest Priority RFPs

Perpetual Protocol Liquidity Vault

Description: A vault in which users would deposit USDC into and provide liquidity into Perp v2 that is then actively managed by this vault. An example of this would be charm finance’s alpha vaults for Uniswap v3, instead building a strategy that would work for Perp v2. This would also include vaults that just generally bring more liquidity to Perp v2 markets. The preference for these vaults would be to provide not only liquidity for ETH and BTC, but to all assets available for Perp v2. Criteria: A dedicated team that preferably would have experience with Univ3 liquidity management / market making background. Teams that have experience building similar Uniswap v3 liquidity management vaults are welcomed to apply. However, for teams that don’t explicitly have experience building such vaults or market making backgrounds. The committee has proposed that in the proposal for building the vault to include some calculations/back tests suggest that the built vault would be profitable.

Budget: Since this is the highest priority to the grants committee. There is no real budget restraint for anyone attempting to build liquidity vaults or bring liquidity to Perp v2. For experienced teams all proposals will be considered. For teams that don’t have the preferred experience, proposals will be considered but most likely be more performance based.

Nice to Haves

Perpetual Protocol Arbitrageur Vault (Taker Side Structured Product Vaults)

Description: A vault where users deposit USDC into a vault in which the vault arbitrages between Perp v2 and another exchange. This could either be arbitraging spreads or arbitraging funding rates. This also extends more broadly to projects using Perp v2 as a base layer for their strategy.

Criteria: A dedicated team that preferably have experience building such vaults in the past. Project would have to be open sourced if the team can no longer maintain it.

Budget: This RFP’s budget currently is minimal with a top end budget of $5k for a project to build on Perp v2.

Enhancing the Onboarding Process to Perpetual Protocol v2

Description: This entails anything that helps to streamline the process of a user getting funds onto Perpetual Protocol v2 to trade.

Criteria: Preferably having experience with building these tools in the past. Further, once it has been built that it is handed over to the foundation team.

Budget: RFP’s budget currently is minimal with a top end budget of $5k.

Perpetual Protocol v2 Alternative Front Ends

Description: A different front end offering deeper analytics and more complex order types.

Criteria: Preferably a dedicate team building this out, with experience building out similar front ends for decentralized exchanges.

Budget: RFP’s budget currently is minimal with a top end budget of $5k.


RFP 1: User Analytics tools

There's loads that can be covered here from PnL analysis, to seeing historical funding charts all the way down to PnL by Token by Wallet

RFP 4: Video Courses for Perpetual Trading

Create a series of videos to explain how to trade perpetual futures and use perp.exchange as the platform of choice in the video. The benchmark for this RFP would be the option courses on Deribit.

RFP 5: Referral Program

Help build out the automation for our referral program

Instadapp (Assembly) Bounty