What is this program?

🧭 Mission

To provide grants to projects, ideas, and events that benefit Perpetual Protocol and its ecosystem.

🔭 Program details


There is currently 2M USD in PERP that is allocated to funding grants. This program will start in August 2021 and run for 2 quarters. This program will cover 2 main items:

  1. Request for Proposals (RFPs): these are items that the core team would like to be built or done but currently don't have bandwidth for. If you want some ideas on places or items to help with this is a good place to start!
  2. Grants: these are all of your weird and wonderful ideas that we could never think of! If you have anything that you believe falls under the grants categories then reach out to us


Depending on the amount that you are looking for we have a rough process of what this looks like:

  • <$50K - full discretion of the committee
  • >$50K - requires going to the public forum
  • RFPs - the price is set by the committee at the start

⚖️ What's eligible for grant funding?

Business Solutions and Integrations

This covers anything that utilises Perp as a base layer. Some examples of this could include:

  1. Developing basis trading strategies leveraging PERP,
  2. Systematic hedging solutions for investors
  3. Executing integrations with other DeFi protocols to become primary PERP provider,


Building any tooling that may be helpful for either makers, takers, traders or token holders. Some examples of this could include:

  1. Dashboards
  2. Periodic reports on assets, business and initiatives
  3. Governance and treasury modules, etc.
  4. Tools and dev infrastructure for building trading bots
  5. Integrations with 3rd party tools such as TA charting tools


Anything that focuses on explaining Perp and how it works as well as getting the word out to the community. This can be anything from design to written content! We're open to getting the word out to the community!